Employment background investigations

Technology that produces a highly faceted view of applicants

Technology is vital to an employment background investigation that is comprehensive and accurate, meaningful and convenient to use , and meets all legal requirements.

DV2© is our proprietary web-based data control, processing and reporting program. It is housed on secure (SSL) web servers as an encrypted website, with additional security provided by username and password assignment. DV2© allows you to manage your pre-employment screening information, with capabilities for ordering, reporting, and historical review.

DV2©’s key capabilities include:

  • Online order entry, including the option for applicant order entry from any computer.
  • View jobs in process, as well as completed reports.
  • Email notification (with link to report) of every completed job.
  • Message-critical color coding for quick command of information.
  • Executive summary, color-coded and linked to each category, for even faster review.
  • Monthly invoice history with details for review and analysis.
  • Download information to Excel for custom sorting.
  • Built-in FCRA compliance through online adverse action letters and dispute resolution.
  • Capability to integrate screening reports with your ATS or HRIS through HR-XML design.

Let us know if you would like to explore the possibilities of DV2©.