Pre-employment screening services

Your applicants cannot hide

They may try to bury their past. But, a pre-employment screening by Pre-Employment, Inc. is likely to uncover any applicant’s failings—at least those that could make them a less desirable employee.

Services Commonly Used (And Our Fees):

Criminal Services

  • Criminal history checks at the county, state, federal and global levels.
    • Criminal History, County–$9.00/county and name
    • Criminal History, Federal District–$9.00/district and name
    • Criminal History, Statewide—Fee varies by state. Not available in all states.
    • Criminal and Sex Offender Database, National–$7.00


  • Employment verification — $9.50/employer (plus employer-contracted third-party charges, if applicable)
  • Education Verification — $9.00/institution verified (plus university-contracted third-party charges if applicable)
  • Professional License Verification — $10.00
  • Professional Reference Verification — $9.50/reference

Other Investigations

  • Motor Vehicle Records — $4.50 (plus state fee)
  • Credit history — $11.00 (+ $75 Business Facility Inspection fee for initial order)
  • Drug Screening — $36
  • SSN Trace (for address history) — $1.30

You choose the screening services you need to mitigate your business’s greatest risks. And you pay only for those services—not for some bundled set of reports that includes information unimportant to your company.

You will find our web interface easy to use and very secure. Your applicants can even enter their own information in our system, to save you time and improve transparency for applicants. We strive to complete all background checks within 48-72 hours, but the web interface allows you to view any data we have discovered in real-time.

One more word of advice: Don’t use our employment background checks only when hiring for executive and management positions. Entry and mid-level employees may pose a different risk than an executive, but the consequences of a bad hire can be just as great. An investment in our pre-employment screening services with every hire is an investment in a workforce that is safe and productive.

Let us help you!

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