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Unearthing important employee histories

Criminal history checksVerification of professional licenses, employment, and education. Credit histories. These investigations of new hires help keep your company, your employees and customers safe. Or they may dig up the kind of dirt that could stain your company’s reputation and lead to lawsuits.

Pre-Employment, Inc. has provided employment screening services since 1993. Since its inception, we have focused on delivering a highly-personalized service that respects the privacy of clients and their employment applicants. Timeliness and accuracy are our goals, and we strive to provide comprehensive background checks well within the industry-standard 48-72 hours.

Pre-Employment, Inc. is a national consumer reporting agency and a founding member of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners. Our principal officer was a member of the NAPBS Ethics and Accreditation Committee, charged with establishing standards for the industry, and a founding member of Concerned CRAs.

We understand that the accuracy of our work is important, because it can prevent our client companies from becoming as extinct as the dinosaurs. We help clients improve the quality of their hires, and to reduce turnover, recruiting and training costs. Ultimately, our employment screening services support the goal of hiring the best possible candidates for each position.

Over the years, Pre-Employment has improved its ability to serve clients by employing all available new background investigation technology. We give the highest priority to rapid responses to your inquiries, whether they’re received by phone, email, fax, or through our secure web portal. We want to provide you with the best possible service using the communication methods most comfortable for you.

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