Verification of employment – and more

Don’t be trapped by a deceptive resume

Pre-Employment, Inc. will verify the information on your applicant’s resume, including education and employment history, and professional licenses. Attain peace of mind by knowing your applicant is trustworthy and reliable.

Verification services

Employment Verification
Confirm your applicant’s employment history, including position held, dates of employment, salary information, reason for leaving and eligibility for rehire (subject to employer’s policy). Verification with assessment provides an even more complete picture of your applicant’s previous employment. We interview former supervisors regarding the quality of your applicant’s work, communication and leadership skills, interpersonal relationships, accomplishments, integrity, growth potential and self-motivation.

Education Verification
Verify education credentials from the high school level to post-graduate studies. We confirm highest degree or diploma earned, dates of attendance, area of concentration or focus, and date of graduation.

Professional Reference Verification
We interview your applicant’s references using your job-specific questions. Like verifications with assessments, professional reference interviews provide you even more detailed information regarding your applicant’s skills and qualifications.

Professional license
We verify the applicant’s license or certification, whether your applicant is a lawyer, nurse, doctor or other licensed professional. Date, state and agency of issue can be confirmed, as well as current standing and any disciplinary action.

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